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“Mr Don” was not so bad

Posted in Satirical and humorous by Shekhar on December 29, 2008

Had it not been for ‘ Sano Sansar’ this summer’s box office hit film, most urban youngsters would have found it difficult to recall the last Nepali movie they watched with so much enthusiasm. They readily agree to watch Hindi and English films over our Nepali films on any given day. After all, where would Nepali films stand in comparison to films like Titanic and Harry Potters series. The appeal factor is equally negligible in our Nepali film stars for their very youngsters who are so used to steamy scenes of Brangelina in Hollyhood films. Except for a few films, Nepali Film Industry has not produced movies that have been remarkable in any aspect be it in technicality or content. The once sought after industry seems to have been stagnant since the last decade.

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Roshan Kc at 8:55am December 26

nice one shekhar.!!!

few months back i had this urge to watch a nepali movie
So bought a ticket to watch this movie ” Thuldai” starring Shiv Shrestha, our very own Rajesh Hamal etc etc..jaado..
May be i was unfortunate in choosing the movie..that the story content was too too obvious and predictable.Too Many scenes and i mean too too many were mismatching with what we observe in real life,”Nepali life”.And though just 20 rs i felt cheated but seeing other viewers completely satisfied clapping, whistling and cheering for their favourite hero Rajesh hamal’s every power dialogues and entry . it was gud to see so many nepali viewers who still untouched by bolly, hollywood showstealers do not miss single nepali movie however mediocre.
This made me think, “thought of a hope”. hope that still something can be done..
Only the honest compliments and criticisms (only after watching the movie) can motivate/demoralise the makers and affect the nepali movie scene else we are going nowhere.

Roshan Kc at 8:58am December 26

while say all these..
I also respect people’s right to spend their hard cash on wat they feel worth of.
Truly i wudn’t bear any compulsion that i have to watch this movie just becoz this is a nepali movie and i have to support the scene.
Its my money just like everybody have their own.!!!
Shekhar Kc at 8:59am December 26

Shekhar Kc at 9:00am December 26

please if anybody got some nepali actors or related person in his friend list then plz inform me la. Thanks
Shekhar Kc at 10:14am December 26

i also respect that roshan sir but . Then are u not concerned about where will the money you spend for entertainment will go? If nepali movie then to nepali market, otherwise foreign.
i am not completely in favor of abandoning hindi or foreign movie and it is not possible in todays globalized world. but lets have some glimpse on our own native production and lets comment it or curse it or complain in forthrightly so that our films makers could get feedback from thier audience espeicall educated audience like us. Becuase the audience like i have describle in this article above just get satisfied with the hustling and bustling scene and noone or very less are there to coomment about the quality of movie. Those audience are untouched with Hollyhood and even bollyhood so Nepali film makers just enjoy monopoly over their bounded interests of watching movie.

But we should make difference? i am starting from myself.

Roshan Kc at 11:50am December 26

I think we’re pulling the same chord Shekhar.
But then again i wat i say is there should be no compulsion @ all to anyone.Yes i do sometimes go to Cinema hall n watch nepali movie but not of a compulsion of watching a Nepali one.
My Solution instead of discussions:
For eg.
“Sano Sansar was really good.” -this comment from me should actually reach its makers but no where do i send them to publish them in some cine magazines , i have no idea. And No i am not writing any letters and posting them myself to the makers. why would I ?It wud be gr8 if u/we/anyone cud manage some sort of platform(for eg from KU) to collect and dispense the criticisms to the creators.
I think better collections can be made @ cinema halls themselves.
Aastha Dhungana at 10:16pm December 27

i mus say,u hv done a brilliant job.well,about me….i dn think i njoy watching nepali i really enjoyed reading ur notes…it’s llike a fiction,u’v presented it so beautifully….while goin thro it i smiled,laughed n noded my head in agreemnt wid wat u said..

well,talkin abt nepali movies i watched recently…they r oviously SANO SANSAR n KAGBENI.i liked as u’v mentioned abt the school children watching so curiously the movi..MR. DON..i remembered myself…going to cinema hall,wid my dad n mom to watch typical nepali movies,when i ws in school.aa bt the differenc fingers wre nt usd to stick to my teeth….but nowadays my preferences r changed.i don get fascinated by any aspects of nepali movies..beside som exceptions.We cant expect that the old trend of movie makin cn b changed abruptly but hop for the nice practical nepali movies…bt euta kura kya,ma pani typical nepali movi hernu jau jasto lagyo..sathiharulai uksaunu paryo.

Shekhar Kc at 5:18am December 28

Thank you Aastha! Honestly saying, this time i felt so much grateful to myself becuase i made you remember your memeorable days of childhood. this sound abit produy or egoistic but that was the truth not intention.

Saying about Nepali movies, they are not so bad such that we completely forget to watch them. By the way, Thank you for your comment

Asmita Manandhar at 3:42am December 29

oieee,, edit it a little, send it to a newspaper… not kidding hai, serious…i can spare a hand if u want…thanks for writing it and moreover doing the job me and shail always talked about but never did, watching a nepali movie in any ill facilitiated hall. u’ve done a brilliant job….keep it up shekhar…!!!!
Shekhar Kc at 4:49am December 29

Thank you, ekdin hami sabai jau la. hehe
उजेली said…
I liked the sense of the article. But, theoretical ending !!! everybody think the same but…………….

Tek Raj Bhatta said…
good thoughts, but we can’t go together with your views.”please give some of your glimpses to the brilliant work of our actors”– i wonder wat impressive intelligence u found on them.if u go for 2/3 nepali movies u ll find them almost same.its sure we backed some movies up like darpan chhaya,sano its true if its of quality n creativity we all will be there to keep our eye on. hope they will switch n modify the trend.

badri said…
good article