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Mixed-Broken Languages

Posted in Uncategorized by Shekhar on July 15, 2008
Am i speaking nepali or english?
Am i speaking nepali or english?

Recently there w

as an especial press conference amidst budget of the fiscal year 2065 organized at one of the corner of valley. Our finance minister was incessantly explaining the causes of the budget crashes accrediting to the numerous political chaos. He was giving his best explanations to escape from the various accusation and cross-questions put forwarded by different constituent assembly members.

With his despotic position of finance minister, he was utmost liberal in bombarding Nepali and English statement at a time to prove his explanations perfect and ideal. His cultural value for the Nepali language he was using was far deviating from his optimism towards the future prospect of Nepali budget. It was quite sarcastic to hear from a responsible leader of nation such inappropriate decoration of Nepali statements with his broken English just to give the bitter flavor of his obsession towards his native economic progress.
This is just the example of the naked use of mixed language in one of the formal program that matters a lot to general citizen. How often we use such broken statements in our daily life? Our fingers would be h

eaving to count them all, for sure.
We are making a conversation or giving a lecture with the continuous flow of our native words and with no reason there is pause before a single sentence catch full stop. From nowhere we penetrate the foreign words or statement to dissolve that pause obviously which doesn’t grasp the rhythm of our nativity. Our attempt to convince the second party with our native statements gets failed already and still we don’t get behind to insert heterogeneous broken English that is truly not compatible with our communication strategies. I should say, it is an immense disrespect for our native language Nepali and to foreign language English too. Why just can’t we try to speak fluently Nepali or English but one at a time? Why we start our conversation with “hi”, “good morning and good night” and end with “bye”? Why not with our own words of cultural values like “Namaste” ?. Knowingly or unknowingly we are hunting for the mixed broken language that is confusing and creating communication gap most of the time. The story doesn’t finish here. Even when we go through the literature published in most of the emerging Nepali dailies except some few, we will surely encounter with the mixed broken statements due to the naked penetration of so called “contemporary” English words printed in Nepali font.

what's this?

To take the taste of error free and homogenous Nepali languages the inevitable days are coming when we have to turn the pale, torn pages of Nepali literature that are stacked in the library of Tribhuvam University for many years. We should admit, it is clearly black shadow of western semblance and our lack of concern for our native language. With such irresponsible use of mixed broken languages we are showing disrespect for our won native language value and to foreign language English too.

Shekhar kc
Bachelor in media studies
Kathmandu university


Love Harrasement

Posted in Uncategorized by Shekhar on June 27, 2008

Why she doesn\'t love me ???

Doesn’t a sense of jealousy is lightly penetrated in you when your class mate or childhood friend is hovering with her/his boy/girl friend side by side walking with their hand tight on one another’s waist being indifferent to this world and you too as a part of this world. One may perceive this behavior in a self-centered offensive way but it is the inevitable feeling that catch you and cant be ignored most of the time.

Last time what happened, when I was passing by the library, one of my fellow was whispering with his so called “girlfriend”(often I see her face changing weekly), I couldn’t handshake with him nor he looked at me but I am sure his concentration was at his near environment than toward his partner. Simply I had to knee down my vision and pretend indifferent to him.

We often impose guilt of not having girlfriend on our physical getup and yell at our economic condition(if not good). Even we don’t lag behind in changing our self, our behavior, our dress up and our original attitude which are sometime proved to be lethal in friendship and love itself.

We often abide by many misconceptions like being in love mislead to our study and future, sex is the ultimate destiny of love and so on. We just waste our time peeping at our friends personal space and making unnecessary remarks regarding their love life.

These are some of the moody stuffs we go through when we feel our horizon of friendship is encroached by somebody’s love relationship.

It is also not a new fact that most of girls are stacked to their fancy role model and try to see the same in their so called “boyfriend” (if they have or going to have ). That is followed by the consequences of break-up due to thin layer of dissatisfaction and misunderstandings. These are what the young generation are undergoing through and is considered to be one of the main reasons behind lacking belief of our guardian for getting in such love relationship beside the conventional approach of our older generation towards love between two young teenage of near age.

Here, most important thing to understand and to implement is that the “hit and trial” love fails to satisfy our feelings and expectation. If you are in love with somebody, he/she will readily take your extreme attitude calmly, behave naturally, have potent trust and inspires you. Whether you have pimpled or clean face, slim or obese body, wear thick glasses he/she is predetermined to judge you positively and maintain the relationship with the rhythm of your dual consensus. It is unnecessary and effortless to show over smart attire and artificial attitude. What really matter is your own personality which shouldn’t carry fake imitation?

Shekhar KC

Bachelor in Media Studies

Kathmandu University

A rupee Note ? Make Difference !!

Posted in Uncategorized by Shekhar on June 27, 2008

compulsion or freedom ?

It wasn’t the first time I had to shut my mouth and suppress the anger in the bus ride. Due to jam and traffics problem it is not new for a bus r

ider to get stacked for half an hour on the road. Last time what happened, I was asleep in the bus and somebody wake up me moving my legs. An 11 year girl with painful, watery eyes was pledging “please give me a rupee” (though she was not so bad dressed anyway). Most of the passengers were staring at me and even laughing at my pity condition. I was in dilemma whether to stare back at them or to understand the high expectation of that girl with me that I will take out my money bag and give her what she wanted. I could hear and sense others whispering with their fingers pointing sometime at me and sometime at the girl. Neither could I scold an 11 year begging girl nor could I announce loudly inside bus, “I have not a rupee note”. To cope up with the very moment I opened side pocket of my college bag where I often keep my dollars. Restraining my unwillingness to do, I put one rupee dollar at her hand and she went with away with a light smile. For a moment I boast myself for giving a rupee note to a helpless girl. Though I knew it would encourage her to do that repeatedly and I invited other in the queue to be the next scapegoat, but what else could I do? Was I a fool to give the girl money for no reason? For a moment I questioned myself what could just a rupee note make a difference to her life?

It was not more than half an hour; I had to invite a thin, Indian looking woman with her head covered by her old, torn sari in front of me as unexpected guest for a moment. She was carrying a well laminated letter in her hand (it was the photocopy version). For a moment I thought it was some kind of Public notice but after I read first 2-3 lines, it was clear that the letter was really a great “public notice”(there was a signature messed up from top to bottom) asking to donate not less than Rs 5 to the women for no specific reason. I also determined that I was not going to get fooled this time. Often I see others putting aside such awkward moment by lying that they have no change. I did it too. What other alternative could I have?

What I find in the present trend is that with the hike in the price of fuel and other domestic commodities there is a remarkable increase in number of people like the 11 year girl and the Indian look women emotionally bargaining for a rupee note with the passengers like me. Who is going to take responsibility of such people who ask money as if they have been authorized by government to dwhat to Do ?o so?

Once my English teacher asked me about my future aim during childhood days and I had answered to help poor and destitute. I no longer feel proud of that answer. Rather I feel quite ironical to step behind giving just a rupee note to a helpless girl. A rupee note might not make so much difference to the life of that 11 year girl but by not giving; it creats controversy over my commitment in life.

Shekhar KC

Kathmandu University