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Posted in My life by Shekhar on November 22, 2011

Please download PDF version to read the report Reader Non reader study


 Navyaata is a fashion and a lifestyle magazine focused on the youth. The magazine represents the new and ever growing trends with quality, quantity and organized contents as one of its top priorities. The name, Navyaata, means newness and trend in Sanskrit. The magazine gives importance to the awareness of the deep-rooted culture of Nepal with an attempt on molding the transforming trends with a Nepali touch custom-made for the Nepali audience. International standard met for the national audience with an affordable price is what defines Navyaata in one phrase. The major content of the magazine include various genres including Fashion, styling, life, photo feature, interviews, beauty, Ayurveda, guides and travel. The magazine is published from Uttar Dhoka, Lazimpat of Kathmandu Valley. Its major market is Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts.

The magazine was launched in April, 2010. ( Navyaata. Retrieved December 8, 2010 <>)

    Research Problem

The magazine publication industry though new and still small in Nepal, is witnessing both intra-industry and inter-industry competition. Media Sustainability issues are threatening Media Entrepreneur; the fear of media being used as propaganda tool is harming its credibility and media market is already at the point of saturation. The competition is evident even in specialized areas, the Youth magazine being the concern for this study. Navyaata is lifestyle magazine competing with number of other magazines of similar contents and target audiences like VOW, WAVE and ECS living. It is pertinent, in this background, to identify b other readers and non-readers of the magazine, in order to sustain the present readership and to make strategies for increasing readership. This research presents a study of readers and non-readers of the magazine.

These critical situations surely demand some different approach for any organization to steer their managerial work to combat existing problem and march towards excellence. Media Research, though not perfect, can be the best alternative to start a new venture for any media institution. And there, Navyaata should not be an exception if it is to stand out in the crowd and win its audience trust.

Here by “Reader”, we mean those people who have read Navyaata magazine at least once in his/her lifetime. And by “Non-Reader”, we mean those people who might have heard about the magazine or seen the magazine cover from the distance but never gone through it. This study is intended to figure out the characteristics of those “Readers” and “Non-Readers”. Their interests, general traits and perception about the magazine will certainly help the decision makers of Navyaata to shape their content.

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The present research report is the rhetorical analysis of editorials of The Rising Nepal (TRN) published during the period of Prime ministerial election of 2010. The main purpose of this rhetorical study is to analyze the various issues relevant to PM election highlighted by TRN and underscore the major intention of CPN- UML implied in the editorials. The present research also gives a critical view on the image of political parties of Nepal, their role during PM election and the various lapses when they failed to resolve the crisis of the country during PM election. Furthermore, this study examines the editorials of TRN to see the rhetorical emphases on different issues during PM election.

This study finds that TRN took stance during PM election-2010 to promote CPN-UML’s political interest like to institutionalize the leadership claim of CPN-UML; to establish “consensus based government” as the only alternative to the futile PM election; to endorse the Positive image of CPN-UML; to shed light on different level of conflict among political parties of Nepal; to Justify the CPN-UML’s stand of remaining neutral in the PM election; to prolong the deadlock so as to increase the tenure of care taker government. I believe this research can be a base for other follow-up studies on various issues of public concern like party conflict, Nepalese Politics, Prime-ministerial election and so forth.

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This text proposes the dramatist theory or Earnest Bormann’s Fantasy Theme analysis to examine the rhetorical visions emerging from the media coverage of Kathmandu University. According to Thomas, Antoine, Matthew, Althouse and Ball (p.211), fantasy theme analysis is an important critical tool because “it helps us see how stories shape reality” (p.211). Here, the symbolic reality underlining the growing charm of KU is analyzed by identifying various basic and structural elements of Fantasy theme analysis from the media coverage of KU.

This paper explores the published articles of Kathmandu University on various dailies, local or national, from the period (1995) to till the present (2010). The research analyzes how the rhetorical vision emerging from media coverage contributes to the accomplishment of the University’s proclaimed vision i.e. “Quality Education for Leadership”. In other words, this study will evaluate to what extent the rhetorical visions emerging from published work resonate with the officially proclaimed vision of University.

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Samriddhi Corporation Limited is a public limited company. In Nepal up to 49 investors in a company can be a Private Limited Company. But Samriddhi Corporation will have many public Shareholders. It has a Nirmal Diary milk production factory at Chitwan, Bharatapur-6.

Basically, this Corporation highly emphasizes the rural market potential and caters the rural man power dedicated in the Dairy production to a large market share. The sellers themselves are ideally the investors and owners of the Samriddhi Corporation and our consumer’s satisfaction the real mark of our progress.

Slightly different from other profit-oriented milk product, Samriddhi is dedicated to harness the employer skills and increase their entrepreneurship ventures. We provide veterinary doctors to our sellers. We Support their loan arrangement and promote their saving habit. We offer free salesmanship training in Kathmandu and major cities to boost up the market share and stabilize our production flow.

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The Survey research was conducted to find out the overall SMS usage pattern of students from Kathmandu University. Kathmandu University has established itself as the leading university in Nepal where students from diverse geographical location are studying. Also, the researcher is studying in the same University in Media faculty. The following research was carried out to fulfill the requirement of Survey Assignment of MEDS 301 (Mass Media Research) under the supervision of Assistant Professor Nirmala Mani Adhikary.


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