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Posted in My life by Shekhar on June 3, 2011



Note: The following text is just a rough draft of class note. Mistakes are not to be taken seriously.

Synonymous word are cyber journalism and digital journalism. using online for journalism is different from using digital media for journalism.

Form changes but the essence remain the same. earlier it was through the print, later broadcast and now internet.

In television, apart from words and audio music, we can use the visuals to present the information. In television we can present the content in multimedia form.

How do you define Online journalism?

Reporting and editing for online outlet is called online journalism.

News operation: Reporting consist of reporting and editing. Reporting is divided into News gathering and News writing.In news gathering, identifying the source is important (issue+information provider+place). Impetus for News gathering comes from ‘Nose for News’. News worthiness comes from two ways. One is instinct and other are training, education or experience. the criteria for identifying Nose for News is News Value.

the approaching the source comes in priority. Accessing the document may be necessary.Getting the information is done through news collection techniques like observation, interview, press release, press conference, media monitoring, documents/reports/events etc.

Information processing means cross-checking, verifying the datas.

Now newswriting is done because we have already gathered required raw material to manufacture news.

Copy: firstly prepared news writing.VDT or Video Display Terminology is

In editing portion, copy editing is done and if required re writing is done. Sub editing is also called subbing. finally proof editing is also done. At last make-up or layout design is done.


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