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Online Content and Standardization

Posted in My life by Shekhar on April 30, 2011

Lecture By Nirmala Mani Adhikary

Text by: Shekhar KC

Date: 22 April, 2011

Nirmala sir asked if we could give presentation on Online media. Only few students replied that they were ready but Sir considering the situation where students have lack of preparation, the presentation was postponed till next week i.e April 29, 2011.

Sir will recite some portion of text regarding the cyber journalism?

Online means connected to internet. Only few people had access to net in Nepal i.e 7.93 percent according to NTA. In february 2010 it was 2.33. Most of the people had access to internet through GPRS –1.9 , adsl-1,81.000,



Above data show the internet using population data of Nepal. Optical Fibre technology has higher data transfer rate than copper wire.

Internet’s prospect for advertisement revenue has yet to be assessed. Main stream news site is news-portal.

Do you know difference between Ftp and fttp?

To upload the content in website, it should be opened in fttp while we visit the site in ftp.

Hyperlinks are also called knowledge links when the important words are emphasized as a link to some other website which provide information about that word.

interactivity: its different from interactivity. opinion poll is also interactive content. There are examples of interactive films as well.

customization: organizing online media content in particular pattern. It helps in making websites user-friendly.

what is the difference between print media story and online media story?

sources are same, we check the content in the same way, we target the same audience. in internet, a readability of story is inversely proportional to its length.

The browser should inform about the most important websites

After that teacher went on dictating the book and we listened calmly.


How citizen journalism flourished?

As in television, the script were just same as writer for radio. later writing for tv was made different. similarly in online as well , the content written for print was uploaded in web but nowadays online media has different type of text written in different structures.

In, the member used to have access to different news and places. When insec published such news, other websites used to published the news of inseconline without acknowledgements. Later the visitor of insec increased when the content of the insec was acknowledged.

What should online reader expect from online content?

No secrets for reader, hyperlinks in appropriate places. When you are writing for web, you are writing the history of international audience. The lead in the story should nail the reader or catch the attaention instantly. structure of the webstory should be in inverted pyramid.

The nature of reader in case of online than tradition mass communicator. due to interactivity and other strength of online, we should not package the story in such that limited story are put there.

Title: the writing is non-linear:

95 percent web news site may not fulfill the criteria. In online sites, internet writing should appear the reader with “don’t read do” principles.

Why the story In internet are non-linear? break the story, good presentation, readers don’t want to read what you have put, let the reader to decide what to read. Basically hyperlink and customization help in promoting that content non-linear.

three layers of information are 1) first hand information and the most important information should be put first, 2) ,

readers should navigate from the existing to new page, there should be safe in and out.

why structure of the Online story  is everything?

Note: Read the article Standardization of Nirmal sir?

Two task to be done:

1. Writing for the web 418-439

2. read the article


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  1. Chiran Dahal said, on March 5, 2012 at 8:03 am

    I want to know that, “Which is the first online radio of nepal?” and when does it started to broadcast through internet. please can you provide me the actual data.

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