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Television News & Team Work Culture

Posted in My life by Shekhar on April 20, 2011


Lecture by: Prem Luitel

Television Journalism

Date: 20 April 2011

Two book were suggested as references:

– Practicing Global journalism by John Herbert

– The television Handbook by Jonathan Bignell and Jeremy Orlebar

What is TV News? (31-33– Practicing Global journalism by John Herbert)

TV news writing is different from Radio News and Print News. It comes with the very specific setup and unique characteristics.

– they addresses as many of the possible viewers question as (who, what, where, when , how ) right in the lead.

– The most significant details go upfront all the important aspects of the story should be divulged right at this start.

– Sentences are written short and to the point

– Paragraphs are kept tight containing no more than 2-5 sentences each.

– The overall tone stays as objective as possible.

News Writers can have an opinion but they just can’t write about each in their news stories.

There are no conclusions. surely you close a news story but you don’t conclude it with a statement of opinion. Let down the facts but let viewers decide.

Jargons and difficult sentences should be avoided.

above characteristics may not apply for news analytical program like Khoj Bhitra ko Khabar and Mission Sambidhan.

* How do events becomes News?

– Frequency: the events that is unfold at the frequent intervals becomes news.

– Threshold: The events had to pass through certain threshold or gatekeeping channels before being recorded at all.

– Unambiguity: clarity should be there

– Meaningfulness: News are made by considering certain group of audience of certain background or level of concern.

– consonance: /the news selector may predict some events and may produce it as news if he finds it news-worthy.

– Unexpectedness: Man biting the dog becomes news rather than dog biting the man.

– Composition: grammatical error free news are expected.

– reference elite nations: The news should have interest of powerful nations like America, Britain and China.

– Reference to Elite People: if Obama speaks about Libya crisis, then it becomes news.

– Reference to Persons: Rather than referring institution, news should contain persons as a reference.

-(Journalist are not specialist but generalist)

– Proximity

– In television you can talk as long as you have visual. Image speaks louder than words. Don’t say what picture show but say what picture don’t hints.

-Avoid sentence fragments. Don’t fragments the sentence to hold the suspense. For the example A council organized a budget session. (here try to include all the information like venue, date etc)

-Note: photocopy the title How TV News differs? It addresses the Unit three chapter- how it differs from print and radio news?

Next Chapter of Unite Three: TV Discourse- analyzing TV language and visual grammar

-Bag Pack Journalist or One-man Journalism?



Another Chapter: Team Work Culture: journalist as a team leader

News Plan: What should be news?decide the topic, news hole of suppose 10 minutes; then cover the event so as to fill the news hole in effective manner. It includes the total of process of news production. How to find the issue? How to capture the issue? how to make it factual ?

How to find issues? Are there any issues which need follow up?  Contact permanent source of news like Hanuman Dhoka,Singha durbar, political leaders etc. Put the telephone numbers of authority personal of concerned area. Expected sources are reviewed like newspapers, RSS, Traffic police for the accidents etc.

Prepare for the reporting? essentials tools like camera, micro phone, required cost etc.

*Lunch BreaK*11:51 to 1:00

Sir took out The Kathmandu Post and recited the headline “Hard-pressed Dahal in peace bid”. the new story started with background. But in Television, the core news is given first and the supporting information are given later.

There was a story in the paper where a women of Dharan returned 9.1 million rupees to it’s owner after he found it in the bus she was travelling.

We analyzed the prime time news bulletin of Katipur Television. What we found was something that doesn’t support the Kantipur brand guilty in the market. In both two first consecutive stories, there was no visuals,

suppose we have to prepare a visual plan of one issue “petroleum product lacking”

– gaadi dhakalirako

– apurti mantralayako building

– passesnger gadi ma jhundeko

– bike rider pushing his/her bike

– cycling ko trend

– parking palces empty

– overly loaded vehicles

– black marketing

– interview

– traffic police  changes in office hour activities

What may be lead?

– from traffic police’s perspective

– overly loaded vehicles

– over charged taxi fare

– Increase in cycling trend

-impact in traffic blocks-

-impact in personal life of a biker;

-environmentalist perspective

– create contrast and conflict perspective

Prem sir concluded the class with the reminder that we have to prepare the news story for the television. In my mind I thought I would do some important stuffs;

– research on television news coverage

– prepare a news story for television on some fixed issue

– do online research and prepare a presentation with ppt slides


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