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Information Superhighway & Traditional Mass Communications- Online Media

Posted in My life by Shekhar on April 14, 2011

Nirmal Sir

Lecture By: Asst. Prof Nirmala Mani Adhikary

Date: 8 April 2011 Friday


(the below question is the assignment for Media Studies Fourth year (2007 Batch) to be submitted before deadline April 22, 2011 )

Select any three website at least (one from Nepal; at least one a news portal; at least one in Nepali medium; at least one from USA; at least one owned by independent non-conglomerate non-crossholding owners). Then prepare profile of the websites. The profile must contain following information.

– website foundation

– objective

– types of content

– ownership

– sources of revenues: advertisement payment existing or not;

– legal status- registration, legal provisions for that kind of websites,

– organogram and staffing:

– mechanism for gate-keeping: what kind of moderation: whether there is editorial board;

– provision for feedback

– target audience:

– appraisal of the content

Summary of the class:

A web-2 technology refers to the social networking website where we can enjoy maximum freedom of expression and reaction whole Kantipur and Republica websites are Web 1 technology.

According to our Online mentor Asst. Prof Nirmala Mani Adhikary, in this semester we are repackaging what we learnt earlier. We have studied communication studies, computer foundation, photography, broadcasting and new media, print media. Now, we will deal with what we learnt earlier from online perspectives.

This time we will be supposed to do two assignments. One is already given above. Another will be Practicum. Prepare a blog which should contain various multimedia contents on same issue or subject.

– audio new story in 5 minutes in blog

– photographic content in news story

For the first assignment sir set the Deadline as April 22, 2011. And for the second assignment it will be before three weeks of the final exams that, I guess, will be taken at July August.

Sir shade light on the various aspect of our online media curriculum. Information superhighway is one of that term which we should be familiar with. From infrastructure point of view what should be there to have information superhighway? First there should be vast networks of computers, second is wide accessibility, issues are explored who is producing and consuming information. People should have affording capability to the computers. So economics comes here. A persona may be economically strong but couldn’t have access to computers because he may be staying in remote areas. May be political condition of country may be responsible for distribution of particular types of information to particular group of audience. Politics may be causal factor for such unequal or asymmetrical distribution of the information. DSC04226

We have been using internet for so many purposes. Students may be using them for interpersonal communication. It may be used sometimes for group communication like skype or group chats. Sometimes we use it for mass communication like news portal or podcasting.

Intrapersonal communications are also possible in internet. When a user gets engrossed in the computer technology in such a level that he seeks his identity in the virtual world then sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between user and medium or let’s say human and computer machine.

Example: if we search King Mahendra we get less links or information but if we search Demi Moore, we get thousands of links or vast array of information’s. That means information’s is not produced symmetrically.

Traditional mass communication: professional communicators are involved; senders convey messages to receivers or message flow is unidirectional; delayed feedback; formal organization setup- registration of the television or radio station; Mass communicators have strict control over the medium; mass communicators are generally identified;

Also, Sir shared us about his interview by one of the associate professors from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Note: Remaining part of the lecture I couldn’t record due to technological hassles. If there is any error in above note then the mistakes are from the Blogger side not the teacher one.


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