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Boys you want to tie up with

Posted in assignment, love and Relationship, My life, Satirical and humorous by Shekhar on May 20, 2010

What types of guys Nepali girls often fall for? Isn’t it a interesting thing to know? Well, even girls might be unaware of what type of boys they have fallen or wish to fall, so let’s sneak to the two categories of Nepali guys with whom, generally, most of the Nepali girls crave to tie-up with. Classification of this sort may seem absurd but activity of guys often speaks a lot about choices and opportunities of their love-relationship.

If you see any tough guys who, most of the time, are glued to their i-pod, laptop or mobile fall under this Care-Free Type (CFT) what Nepali girls like to tag as ‘Houde’ in Nepali. You may find him physically fit with perfect body shape and acceptable height, if not  rigid stare and ‘Who cares anyway?’ look. These guys are very choosy and always hunting for girls who are very sociable, talkative and annoying because they want to secure their space in the relationship and compensate for what they lack since childhood or what they want to have in future.

CFT guys often prefer to look trendy. We  get to see their T-shirts printed with foreign music bands and not to forget, their pants are torn at the knee level which make them look like a star in the eyes of Nepali girls. If i am not mistaken, CFT guys prefer to have dread hair, expose tattoos in their arms and own a 220 CC PULSAR bike. Such guys are undoubtly standoffish except in parties or coincidence meet, but once you hang-out with him, you are going to get what you wanted. Girls find very thorny to break the ego of CFT guys. Be sure, these guys are never after the beautiful girls but the one who stands out in the crowd in terms of economy and social status. Don’t expect smile from such guy in a single glance or you may have to endure embarrassment in your friends circle, making you vulnerable to fall for him.

CFT guys are found to be already involved in confrontational situation, so girls may be the scapegoat of their aggressive and violent manner. If you have already  fallen for such guy, than you are going to regret a lot because either your relationship is going to end up with a nice break-up party or he will ditch you to catch another girl.

Ah! here comes another Decent Guys Type (DGT), some girls always dream for, a clean and tidy, regular and conscious guy who is responsible for every deeds he takes under his charge. This is often rumored as ‘Kya Ramro keta’ among Nepali Girls. Stupid girls may find him boring and sluggish but his patience, silence and questioning traits may be mistakenly taken as his either weakness or lack of fashionableness. But some girls are very clever and intelligent, they often track such guy without his awareness and catch-up easily with him which paves a safe way to their happy and prosperous life. Girls might misunderstood DGT’s all-time sneers as a green signal to fix up dates which often result in those girls swallowing snickers (chocolates) lonely to mitigate their temporary depressions. Once such guy fall for a girl then he is going to make her stick to him for his  whole life, unlike short-term relationship in the case  of DGT.

CFT guys are often swayed by fantasized thoughts as presented in hollyhood movies and exaggerated advertisements but DGT’s are all-time practical, conscious and intelligent.

CFT guys are dependent, often manifest their loneliness in the absence of their intimate circle and find difficult to adjust with strangers while DGT guys are very independent  and can make themselves comfortable in any kind of environment.

CFT guys are coward, messy and reckless while DGT guys are influential, brave and watchful about anything going on around them.

Now,  choosing DGT or CFT  is Nepali Girl’s cup of tea, so i wonder which type of guys Nepali girls want to tie up with. What say?


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  1. Anonymous said, on May 20, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    well very nice piece….but wat if any girl doesn’t like tea at all??? wat should she b after

  2. straight Guy said, on May 21, 2010 at 7:29 am

    @anonymous:Then i think that girl is not straight.

  3. Anonymous said, on May 25, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Nepali keti haru (well…any keti) most of the time fall for the CFT guys jasto lagchha, even if they call them Haude. I think it takes quite a bit time for them to realize that DGTs are the ones who should b with.

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