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She is gone….

Posted in My life by Shekhar on January 29, 2009

The news was unexpected. I couldn’t hold the truth. It was bitter than usual saying. A 12 year old girl passed away. She was my lovely innocent sister. Though not by blood relation but she, as the eldest daughter of my nearest neighbour, was my everytime friend. I used to call her parents Mohora Uncle and Mohora Unty, Mohora being their sir name. The couple had 3 daughters. Now only two are left. I am sure the separation from  their eldest daughter, Ashmita is going to be the hardest moment to bear for the couple.

I meet the girl when she was just 4 years old. The first The couple had come to our house to seek room for rent. At the very first day of the Mohora couple in our home, the stubborn child pissed infront of the main premise, she made random cross on our walls with her broken pencil, throw flower-vase here and there and irritate all by her silly activities. Even I scolded her once. She cried and when she complained to her mother, her mother scolded her too instead defending the child.

Initially our family had planned to give rent to childless couple or some unmarried person but we couldn’t reject their request. Actually our house in Dang, Tulsipur, Hattikhawa chownk, was and is still 3 storyed building fenced  well from all side, secured spot for a child to play. Mohora couple were more worried by the stubborn nature of Ashmita, so they needed some safe places to avoid any accident that would be likely occur to their child. And after 8 years, some days ago, the accident finally occurred and nobody could do anything. I was in Dhulikhel 4-5 hundred kilometer far from there. I was said, without anybody’s consent she took some syrup of medicine than usual dosage. But even the reaction was not immediate. She went school, played with her friend for a while and after sometime she felt unconscious. In hurry, she was being taken to hospital, she passed away on the way. That was the truth, a straight-simple truth and everybody must accept it. This is how our life goes on. I learned.

Everybody becomes helpless infront of death, the couple were just one of them. Ashmita who was fresh and laughing 2 hours ago, went to school saying bye bye to her mama, after some time lied dead ahead of their Parents. Though I was not on the site but I could only sketch a slight horizon of how much pain must the couple had endured. Of course not possible to measure on the basis of the drops of their tears.

Whenever I used to go home during dashain vacation, I wasn’t allowed to enter my house unless I had pocketful of sweets and Choco-fun for her. “Shekhar dai, khai mero choclate”, her naïve voice still tremble my ears. So difficult to forget. The most painful moment for me in coming days will be when I will not get anybody whom I would buy choclate  while entering my home. There will be no one to ask choclate before I step my foot inside my house.

Her irreplaceable and childish voice will be never echo around me. She is gone, I don’t know where people go after death. Some say they become one of the millions of stars in the sky. I tried but I didn’t find her in the sky.


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  1. madan said, on January 29, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    So SAD..

  2. Shekhar said, on January 29, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    के गर्नु मदन जी, लेखेको टार्नै पर्ने रहेछ यो संसारमा आइपछि ….

  3. Ametya said, on January 30, 2009 at 10:44 am

    I live with a doctor and after coming from the duty he used to share the incidents happening in his hospital. Whenever he do share this and that happened then i used to feel something sad since he used to say that someone died or something happened with someone.

    म HIV +VE is one of such poem which was created when i was felt the feeling of HIV related persons’ through the doctor.

    Similar kind of feeling i am getting from your side since the child was just 12 yrs old. Very hard to control such phenomenon…to get control over someone’s loss is really hard …….

  4. Anjali said, on February 24, 2009 at 5:14 am

    Death does not have mercy on any living being on this universe(what lives on earth must surrender itself to the earth) and this is the phenomenon of the vicious circle. We all know about the reality and also that it can neither be modified not be avoided. Nonetheless, we cannot help our emotions and whenever such time arrives, our knowledge loses the control over us.
    The mishap is really mournful and words are not sufficient to explain the actuality- let’s hope and pray her soul will rest in peace.
    May her soul find peace and liberty!

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