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Virtual Victory III

Posted in love and Relationship, My life by Shekhar on January 27, 2009

The Murderer and the Murdered.

The Murderer and the Murdered.

A 41 year old husband murdered his 26 year old wife mercilessly with the knife. Do you know what the reason was? His wife changed her relationship status from “In relationship” to “single” in one of the most popular social networking site Facebook, and that become the sole reason of her untimely death. ( For more detail click here)

For a while the news was hard to believe. How could a husband or let say any man would kill somebody just because of the funny activities in Facebook? As far I am concerned, I do so many freaky things, kick ass through Kick-mania, play war, send non-veg message and many black-out activities that I hardly remember, because those things have become the part of my life and I get pleasure from that. I am not hurting somebody because I am just using facebook application.  Better to leave Face book than restrict ownself from using its application. That’s what I think.

What my humble appeal is, if somebody don’t feel comfortable with Facebook then why should they stick to it ? There are others social networking sites or I would suggest such schizophrenic users to wait for someone to come online in Window live messengers. The virtual activity shouldn’t harm the real life as far I am concerned except when it promotes human life standards.

Let me share little why I said about this Facebook. There was my exam of Media, Culture and Society I, 3 credit subject ,on 26th Jan.( you all know I study in Kathmandu University, do you?) In that subject, we particularly studied about how media and culture are associated from different perspective. For instance, the media content are heavily dependent on the existing and predictable new culture inorder to ignite their reader’s interest. While new culture likes youth culture, teen cultures are showing up in Nepal due to remarkable shift in the media content. In other sentence, the globalization (the free flow of information, technology and goods such that new power relations are developed) has been attributed as the core driving force behind the emergence of new culture and the turning point in the style and type of media content.

Facebook, the buzz word in our University, covered most of our class time. Even our subject teacher Assistant Professor Hemraj Kafle seemed quite interested to guide us through the Facebook. But we connected the topic of facebook with “the phenomenon of socialization”. Facebook has been the recent platform for us to share our cultures and ideas instantly through text, pictography and videograpy and not to forget, various freak-out games like Kick-Mania.(IN kick mania we kick the ass of the person and when you kick him the longest distance, you will own his ass. Isn’t it fun? Well that depends.)

So when virtual activities led to real life horrors and terror, I don’t think the social networking sites will persist for so long. The future of such social networking sites depends upon our motive of using such sites. If we are logging in for sharing, socializing, and doing funny activities then its fine. But if we just attempt on peeping somebody’s personal life, finding out weakness, blackmailing through photo and making embarrassing publicly (through publicly portraying somebody’s nudity), then I don’t see the notion of Virtual Victory getting sense for so long.


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