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Virtual Victory II

Posted in love and Relationship, My life, Satirical and humorous by Shekhar on January 22, 2009
Facebook one of the stongest social networking site in the world

Facebook one of the stongest social networking site in the world

I first felt a strong jerk of virtual victory when I face people in facebook. The people with different but peculiar thought, portraying diverse mood, their interest and their unstable status and not to forget their jargonic comments on photo sometime irritating and most often humorous. My eyes stuck on those bunch of fellas especially who seems to be extreme introvert in daily life but when surprised me with their activities in facebook, you can’t imagine how they play their virtual  role with ecstasy and no doubt without fear.

Have you ever  realized in daily life that we don’t speak out everything that comes in our mind, feel acute insecure to share all the thoughts that the instant situation invokes us. We feel like we are exposing our stupidity, our weakness, our secret or say our unconscious heroism. But in facebook or blog we express everything without any barrier. Anyway who dare to scold or stop us from doing anything we like. You can article, upload video, record sound, put your innumerable photo. You have full of degree of conserving your ideas, stick your memorable moment, share anything you like which might be impossible or not contemporary with the situation going on at that time, but you will realize when you recall or feel the power of such gallery of ideas or memories after some period of time.

We are much luckier than our Dad and Mom, and no doubt our grandfather or grandmother. Most of time our ancestor or old generation spent their time in field cultivating corns and rice. We are so lucky that by just hitting the key stroke, we are cultivating idea, elaborating our link, visiting people through out the world irrespective of what we are and where we are.

Enjoying the full freedom of attacking anybody with the most powerful weapon of our digital world i.e words, we can impress others, extend our friendship, build carrier, and get informed with the latest update and many more. Sometime I think like the internet has created the world of utopia.

To be one of the participants or actor of that most faithful world, I would like to credit myself for gaining Virtual Victory which I have mentioned earlier also.


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  1. Shrawan said, on January 23, 2009 at 5:56 am

    exactly internet the place where you can share your thoughts and all. anyway you have got a cool blog full of unique thoughts. keep up the good work.

  2. Shekhar KC said, on January 23, 2009 at 10:22 am

    Thank you Shrawan, We will be communicating more in coming days

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