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Virtual Victory -I

Posted in My life by Shekhar on January 21, 2009

Do you recall your very first exposure to internet, especially when you own your personal pc with connection to internet all time? I don’t know how you made your plan to carry on with internet life onwards but as far I am concerned, mine plan was highly unreachable. When I got admitted to Kathmandu University hostel where internet was available most of the time, my pc got insertion of Lan-Line and my world became elaborate beyond this globe sphere. I never thought I would be slipped by so much time-consuming stuff like Blogging and Facebook.

First I was arrested by Hi5 but slowly its popularity got faded out around my friend’s circle with the invasion of Facebook. For 3-4 months I didn’t used it. But after the Facebook colonized my circle, I left no choice other than to register in this social networking site. Facebook consumes most of my time. Browsing through the notes and photos of my known and unknown friends, I got opportunity to squint on others personal life. Ofcourse it provided me a kind of fun and sometime I become jealous of other’s handy-fanky ongoing.
You see, it’s very interesting to know what you guess about somebody you don’t about your-self. When you expect somebody to be something they don’t want to, then you will feel a kind of relaxation, a strong jerk of victory over other’s life atleast for a while. It’s the virtual victory


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