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Philosphy Assignment Question, 3rd semester

Posted in assignment by Shekhar on January 6, 2009

1. Circle the best alternative below.

a. Who is credited for pioneering ‘Nyaya Darshan’?

i. Vishwamitra ii. Jaimini iii. Apastamba iv. Gautam

b. In how many chapters is ‘Bedanta philosophy’ divided?

i. three ii. four iii. two iv. five

c. The great truth of the Buddha, which are called ‘Noble truths’, include all except

i. Man’s existence is full of sorrow and suffering.

ii. It is possible to find emancipation and freedom- Nirvana.

iii. Renunciation of material world is the way to liberation.

iv. The cause of sorrow and suffering is man’s selfish desire.

d. Which one of the following issues does Aristotle deal in his famous book Nicomachean Ethics?

i. virtue & its reward ii. form & matter iii. Royal Lie iv. politics & morality

e. Which position was given to ‘the vast assembly of the dead’ in the ancient Egyptian hierarchical order?

i. beneath the gods ii. bottom of the hierarchy

iii. under the pharaoh iv. over humanity as a whole

f. St. Augustine’s concept of The City of God is similar to

i. Aristotle’s notion of form and matter. ii. Plato’s vision of the world of ideas.

iii. Plotinus’ concept of the intellect. iv. Democritus’ theory of the atoms.

g. ‘Idols of cave’ as discussed by Francis are

i. difficulties created by philosophical systems. ii. errors caused by language itself.

iii. errors caused by individual idiosyncrasies. iv. universal tendency to oversimplify.

h. Of the Renaissance philosophers, Thomas More is famous for

i. inventing the world where all citizens were equal and believed in a good and just God.

ii. providing the best possible text of the New Testament by copying manuscripts.

iii. criticizing the Church which was working as an avenue between man and God.

iv. declaring Protestantism as a state religion instead of Roman Catholicism.

i. Which of the following economic system, according to Karl Marx, is characterized by the presence of two antagonistic forces- landlords and serf?

i. Capitalism ii. Feudalism iii. Socialism iv. Communism

2. Fill in the blank spaces. Write only the most appropriate terms.

a. The right choices are those that are made by a good man; a good man is one who makes the

right choice. This statement is an example of _____________________________

b. Lucretius Carus’s epic poem On the Nature of Things is influenced by Epicureanism and _________________.

c. Philosophers who think that the only real things are things are called_______________

d. Thales, who is called the first philosopher and the first scientist, claimed _____________ as the primordial substance.

e. Unlike materialist philosophers, Socrates was concerned only with ______________ and _____________.

3. Correct the following sentence.

a. The branch of philosophy that deals on knowledge is ontology.


1. Answer any one of the following questions.

a. How would G. W. F. Hegel and Karl Marx interpret the political change in 2006 (the end of active monarchy and the dawn of ‘loktantra’ in Nepal)? Which explanation, do you think, is more convincing?

b. Elucidate John Locke’s political philosophy and its contribution in the American Declaration of Independence and later in French Revolution.

2. Answer any one the following questions.

a. What are the principles postulated by ‘Charvak Darshan’ (Lokayat)?

b. The contribution of Thales is still remembered in western philosophy. Why?

3. Write short notes on any two of the following.

a. Buddhist philosophy

b. Cartesian Doubt

c. Plato’s political philosophy

4. Differentiate inductive and deductive argument with an example of each type.


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