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Love and Friendship

Posted in Satirical and humorous by Shekhar on July 27, 2008

sad chitiz

sad chitiz

“Enough is enough”, Reetu screamed loudly with her wild blowing voice and threw in four directions the bunch of flower in front of Chitiz pointing her warning finger at his nose tip. Hot blood running in the vein of her red big open eye could be easily seen when she angrily looked at Chitiz. Reetu ran away from there masking her face with regret and rage. A drop of tears felled at the menu kept at table while she was picking her bag. What could be the mystic story behind her tears that came at the time when she was totally in rage? In front of so many students and teacher staff sitting in the college canteen, Chitiz pretended to have some misunderstanding with her by showing his fake smile looking here and there, back and forth. What other else he could do? It was the first time Chitiz had ever dared to hand the flower to any girl. Infact Reetu was the first ever girl whom he was so intimate and friendly that he had decided to give their friendship a concrete form of love. “Love” the word whose shadow even didn’t got space between their friendship even during hundreds of conversations or chatting in the live messenger or casual meeting. One can imagine what the petty condition might Chitiz has invited right at the moment when he was inhumanly shattered by Reetu, his most close and trustable friend, As if Chitiz will never dare to do this to any girl next time. Tears ran down through his dried lips. He lost his emotional control and without consciousness he knelt down and regretted for his premature act. Everybody in the canteen were watching at him patting his hand at his own forehead repeatedly. The scene was tragic and miserable for Chitiz. The waiter slowly tried to approach him to soothe his sadness but at hand distance he couldn’t dare to touch Chitiz. After half an hour when everybody went out of canteen, Chitiz atonce lifted his head and decided to go. He put up his bag, checked his mobile and moved out of the chair. When he was about to take his quivering step out of the canteen door, he once peeped back at the bunch of flower lying helplessly on the floor with his damp eyes. Those flowers were not bought from any bookie shop. After a log gap in his student life, he had got up early at 5 pm just for the shake of collecting those flowers for his beloved one Reetu. Before plugging each flower he had endured so many harsh words of scolding from his house owner because he had already decided to get those flower from his house owner garden without asking them though he knew if he had asked he wouldn’t be getting permission to plug a single flower. Every flavors of those flower used to give him the taste of his eternal love for Reetu, every smell of flower used to remind him the ever lasting smell of Reetu’s perfume and each pinch of colors of those flower used to flash the lively color of Reetu’s casual and preety dresses she used to wear in comfortable manner.

confused Reetu?

confused Reetu?

But why the beauty of flower was not enough to melt the stone like heart of Reetu? Why Chitiz got rejected so rudely in front of his won colleagues and teacher along with a huge insult, though he had at least not expected from Reetu? There are many mysteries behind these ongoing episodes. So let’s get what was going on Reetu’s mind.

Reetu was the most talent, most beautiful, and most praised girl in the college. Her curly long hair, green eyes, round face with milky complexion and her slim body used to stun everybody walking side by her. Her aim in life was to hold the decisions making position in one of the established organization. She used to forthrightly throw her reply at anybody no matter student or teacher if they tried to interfere in any of her personal matter. Even once Chitiz asked her about her family, he was immediately stabbed by her reply, “it’s none of your business”. For her Chitiz was an only guy with whom she can talk freely, walk with securely and mostly consult about studies matter. She didn’t care what other say or predict about her and Chitiz relationship. Once when Chitiz and Reetu were going for movie and they were waiting for bus. At the very time one of the Chitiz friends arrived at the spot and wished him best of luck in abstract manner ironically pointing to Reetu. Chitiz just smiled and put up things while Reetu did know what kind of symbols Chitiz friends was giving but she did not care ever what third person used to think or say. What used to matter for her were the words from Chitiz and how Chitiz used to perceive their relationship. Chitiz was the only friend with whom Reetu felt comfortable anytime in the crowds of so many students, so many couples and so many rivalries.

She stills remember her first visit with Chitiz. Her first step in the college was warmly welcomed by a lonely walking guy with headphone seeming lost in his own world. She had stopped him on the way and asked about the location from where she could get the entrance form. Chitiz was the second year student so he was well known with all the stuff within the college. The last date for form submission was already finished a day ago. But Reetu insist him to help at any cost otherwise she would not get admission at any college since the date of admission were finished at most of them. he took her to the admission office and ease her with all the formalities. After filling up forms and submitting to the administration office, she was very happy with a frank and amiable guy Chitiz. She invited her to have tiffin though Chitiz expressed his excuse by saying that he had to go jim that is 15 minute away walk from the college. Reetu repeatedly urge him to have tiffin in order to fulfill her thankfulness. So that day Chitiz decided to leave jim exercise for that day and sat with her at the roadside café. Day went by and they became so close that even their friendship was sometime misinterpreted by most of their colleagues. Whether a disco party was organized, they both used to be dancing together. If its time for launch, they used to be seen at arm distance sharing a common momo plates and chowmin varieties. Their days used to gloomy and sad in the absence of one another.

But who knows? The seed of love was already germinating inside the innocent heart of Chitiz.

At the evening of the very day when Chitiz was shattered inhumanly, reetu telephone him.

Reetu: “hello”

Chitiz: “yeah reetu, I was soory about today”

Reetu: “ not Chitiz, I must apologize you, I should not have insulted you in the canteen”

Chitiz: “ its ok Reetu, but can I ask one thing to you”

Reetu: “ yes”

Chitiz: “ Did not you ever have a pinch of feeling of love for me during the thousands of hours we spend so close together ?”

Reetu: “ no, chtiz”

Chitiz: “ Why Reetu? Don’t you have heart like mine? Don’t you need somebody who loves you more than a friend does?”


Chitiz had not even a single word to encounter Reetu’s reply.

Shekhar kc

Bachelor in media studies

Kathmandu university



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