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Teaching: a noble profession

Posted in Satirical and humorous by Shekhar on July 25, 2008
teaching is noble job

teaching is noble job

Every child needs and deserves dedicated, outstanding teachers, who know their subject matter, are effectively trained, and know how to teach to high standards and to make learning alive for students. This statement was quoted by former US president Bill Clinton in September 1988. In his address he had forthrightly stated that without well qualified, caring, and committed teachers, neither improved curricula and assessment nor safe school, not even the highest standard in the world will ensure the prosperous and productive future the students.

In foreign established educational institutes, to be a teacher one has to undergo series of tests and interactions beside their academic qualifications. Unlike, in our country, whether it a primary, secondary or higher level education institution, most often teachers are enrolled on the basis of their mere academic qualifications. Once a new teacher is rolled, the authority rarely inspects neither the quality of education he is giving neither his formal as well as informal approach towards his students. Teaching profession is taken as if it is for the jobless graduates.

A friend of mine who was slc graduate from the government school and currently pursuing career in one of the higher secondary schools of valley was decently behaved by his teacher. His fault was his less proficiency in English fluency. We might have bitter experience of school days like a new teacher coming with a long stick in his first class with this autocratic approach towards his new students. We can imagine what kind of impression the students will have. It seems as if most of the teachers in our country are not acquainted with the various psychological and mental harassment their student bears due to their irresponsible attitudes.

Many students criticize their teachers for their attempt to play monopolistic game of academic grades. Most of them fail to deal with the learning abilities and disabilities of the students; instead they blame the student for his carelessness and low dedication in his/her study. Only a handful of teachers show their seriousness by considering student’s background, environment and learning goal as well as standard curricula as determined by the relevant authority.

In Hindu culture, teacher is credited the honorable position of our parents. The foremost things we follow to be disciplined is, we greet our teachers and show due respect to them whenever and wherever we met them. But the present trends show that most of the graduates have started taking teaching profession as a last alternative to lead their professional life.

The future of the student primarily rest on skill and supervision of the teachers, how they accomplish their job once they are given responsibility to run the classes rather than boasting on their degree certificates. Beside that, our government should acknowledge the role of teachers on the shaping of the next generations by identifying and rewarding most talented, skilled teachers to make teaching a noble profession.

Shekhar KC

Kathmandu University,

Bachelor in Media Studies

School of Arts

Mobile: 9841570025


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