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Love Harrasement

Posted in Uncategorized by Shekhar on June 27, 2008

Why she doesn\'t love me ???

Doesn’t a sense of jealousy is lightly penetrated in you when your class mate or childhood friend is hovering with her/his boy/girl friend side by side walking with their hand tight on one another’s waist being indifferent to this world and you too as a part of this world. One may perceive this behavior in a self-centered offensive way but it is the inevitable feeling that catch you and cant be ignored most of the time.

Last time what happened, when I was passing by the library, one of my fellow was whispering with his so called “girlfriend”(often I see her face changing weekly), I couldn’t handshake with him nor he looked at me but I am sure his concentration was at his near environment than toward his partner. Simply I had to knee down my vision and pretend indifferent to him.

We often impose guilt of not having girlfriend on our physical getup and yell at our economic condition(if not good). Even we don’t lag behind in changing our self, our behavior, our dress up and our original attitude which are sometime proved to be lethal in friendship and love itself.

We often abide by many misconceptions like being in love mislead to our study and future, sex is the ultimate destiny of love and so on. We just waste our time peeping at our friends personal space and making unnecessary remarks regarding their love life.

These are some of the moody stuffs we go through when we feel our horizon of friendship is encroached by somebody’s love relationship.

It is also not a new fact that most of girls are stacked to their fancy role model and try to see the same in their so called “boyfriend” (if they have or going to have ). That is followed by the consequences of break-up due to thin layer of dissatisfaction and misunderstandings. These are what the young generation are undergoing through and is considered to be one of the main reasons behind lacking belief of our guardian for getting in such love relationship beside the conventional approach of our older generation towards love between two young teenage of near age.

Here, most important thing to understand and to implement is that the “hit and trial” love fails to satisfy our feelings and expectation. If you are in love with somebody, he/she will readily take your extreme attitude calmly, behave naturally, have potent trust and inspires you. Whether you have pimpled or clean face, slim or obese body, wear thick glasses he/she is predetermined to judge you positively and maintain the relationship with the rhythm of your dual consensus. It is unnecessary and effortless to show over smart attire and artificial attitude. What really matter is your own personality which shouldn’t carry fake imitation?

Shekhar KC

Bachelor in Media Studies

Kathmandu University


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