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Reading Friends Writting

Posted in My life by Shekhar on May 6, 2008

Ooofs my writtings always get rejected!!!!!

Last time when I saw her first article published, I thought the editor of the newspaper might have got no others article and put her writing in his newspaper due to lack of option from editors’ inbox. Agai
n she got published her article yesterday and mine seemed to be rejected as usual though I sent it 2
days earlier. What could I have this time to defend my ego? Well, she might have her relatives working in the media house.
This is a typical jealous feeling that grip most of the amateur writer like me who believe in showing their Captioned name printed rather than sparks the reader’s inter
est in understanding their sentiments and theme of their writing. When I wrote one article for the first time to be published in the newspaper, it was totally based on my past hardship and the article was published with a less edited version though it was simple and totally free from ja
rgons and bomblasting words. But the second time I tried to outsmart my writing with those bomblasting words and jargons but I failed to fulfill the minimum level of expectation of my reader and I got frustrated. I did not step behind to imitate the phrase and sentence structure of some renowned writer of the editorial section. I had so many cyclones of issues rushing through my mind but before I could jot it down, i get distracted from the initial theme I supposed for the article I was writing. Most of time whenever I grab pen and put white paper in front of me and decide to write, my mind get blin
d like while paper. Even when I was success in filling two lines with my childish sentence, I used to compare it with the level of standards of article I read before especially, the editorial section. And when I feel I can’t catch the rhythm of the theme I am trying to disseminate to my readers, the only option for me to curse the editor and all those friends who got published their junk articles.
What my problem was I wrote for just writing. I used to be infected with guilty feeling of loneliness and ignorance. I used to ignore the happenings around me and its impact on my thought. Whenever I used to read others article I used to underline the sentence that seem rather new and fascinating and lost by ignoring the real track of understanding the writer want me to march ahead.
Nowadays whenever I had no one to say what the ups and down is going on me, I simply point out the keywords and phrases in my small diary that truly represents the feeling of that right moments. I try best to touch the minimum boundary of reader’s interest and evaluate my writing from a reader’s perspective. And my articles get hardly rejected though sometimes it takes month to be published.


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