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Eight attempt to give up “Smoking”

Posted in My life by Shekhar on May 6, 2008

i will kill you

Doesn’t it sound crazy that It’s my eight attempt to give up smoking forever. STill I can’t guarantee that the number will not rise up in coming days.
My first attempt was after I caught jaundice and I had full bedrest with 24-hour nursing of my mother. It was not more than one week my health got resumed, I started Smoking again.
My second attempt was during the valentine 2007 when I came to know that my first crush my school girlfren wished to tie up with me. Instantly I decided to farewell cigarette. That too didn’t last for more than 2 weeks when I came to know that she got tied up with the guy who used to have continuous dispute with me during school days. I started smoking again.
I still regret for that unfaithful day full of frustration when I took the first sip of smoke. One of my colleagues inserted the red part of the cigarette and enacted the procedure to smoke. For the first time, my lungs got filled up with the carcinogen, I felt drowsy and choked for a while. That was the very signal of me being plunged into that dark world of smoking and still I am fighting with ownself and the cigarette to get a way out of it. I am afraid its not too late.

Smoking was the least priority of mine during my school days. One of my cousin used to smoke and I used to get surprise to see his restlessness when he doesn’t get chance to smoke after having meal or dinner. Now it’s no longer a matter of surprise.

Do you know the most hatred things I like about smoking? You feel inferior to yourself when you are sipping the filter alone . But it’s different in the case, you are sharing your cigarette in your circle, you feel like you are socializing yourself, your bond with your friends getting strong etc etc. How fool a 21 year old university student can be more than that?

I don’t want to blame my past colleagues who insisted me to smoke for the first time, neither my contemporary fellas with whom I share my cigarette quite confidently. I would surely like to blame the government. Cigarettes are easily and cheaply available in any shop. Recently there had been a bit censorship in purchasing of beverage, beside that drinks are costlier depending upon brands. That may be the reason why I got addicted to cigrettes, not drinks.

It’s my eight attempt to give up smoking and I don’t want to repeat the statement “ I started smoking again ”.


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